Safety is our top priority at our 63 manufacturing sites around the world. As a great product company, we focus on continuous improvement utilizing modern technology in all of our manufacturing processes.

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Title Location
Maintenance Mechanic
Maintenance Mechanic Spokane, US
Spokane, US
Specialist- EHSQ
Specialist- EHSQ Brantford, CA
Brantford, CA
Production Manager
Production Manager Baltimore, US
Baltimore, US
Processingenjör Helsingborg, SE
Helsingborg, SE
Laborantti Joutsenoon
Laborantti Joutsenoon Joutseno, FI
Joutseno, FI
Production Supervisor Mobile, US
Process Engineer
Process Engineer Eastover, US
Eastover, US
Asentajia ja hitsaaja Joutsenoon Joutseno, FI
Operator Spokane, US
Spokane, US
Maintenance Manager
Maintenance Manager Augusta, US
Augusta, US
Production Operator
Production Operator Fontana, US
Fontana, US
Kunnossapitoasentaja Sastamalaan Sastamala, FI
Maintenance Mechanic
Maintenance Mechanic Fontana, US
Fontana, US
Sr Process Engineer
Sr Process Engineer Mobile, US
Mobile, US